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  • Areas which, through scientific criteria, have been identified as important for the healthy functioning ecologically and biologically of oceans and the services that they provide.

  • This dataset was prepared under the Sectoral Plan of Natura 2000, corresponding to the level 3 of the natural habitats of comunity interest listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive. This dataset only concernes to the marine and coastal habitats.

  • Dtaset within the framework of the SNIMar project, which consists of the georeferencing of a set of sites on the Coast of Mainland Portugal where seabird and aquatic birds can be observed.

  • The atlas of breeding birds in Portugal provide information about distribution at certain moment in breeding species in mainland Portugal. In the cases where it is possible also characterize the abundance of national populations of these species. In the present CDG, the data relate only to marine and coastal birds.

  • Delimitation of coastal, lagoon and estuary areas of molluscs and bivalve production located in the mainland published by Diário da República (the Portuguese Official Gazette) Nº. 41/2014, 2nd series of 2014-02-27, Order Nº. 3244/2014.

  • Delimitation and classification of coastal and estuarine-lagoon areas of molluscs and bivalve production located in the mainland published by Diário da República (the Portuguese Official Gazette) Nº. 78/2015, 2nd series of 2015-04-22, Order Nº. 4022/2015. To check the status of classification and / or the most current bans associated with the areas it is recommended to consult the IPMA page dedicated to the matter from ''.

  • Delimitation of portuguese coastal shellfish waters, according to the Law nº 236/98 and the European Directive 2006/113/EC concerning the protection of the aquactic environment and improvement of water quality in order to support shellfish (bivalve and gasteropod molluscs) life and growth and thus to contribute to the high quality of shellfish products directly edible by man, as well as the evaluation of the quality of coastal shellfish waters - Conformity according to Directive 113/2006 / EC, excluding the metals silver (Ag) and Arsenic (As), and fecal coliforms.

  • This dataset refers to the wild bird species, identifying the species and their distribution, that causes specific attention under the PSRN2000. Noteworthy are (i) the globally threatened species; (Ii) threatened species at European level and whose distribution is confined to Europe; (Iii) those who, being threatened in Europe but having a wider distribution, have unfavorable laws in Portugal, and (iv) all species with threatened status in Portugal and which are included in Annex I of the Birds Directive. In this case it was considered only the aquatic and marine birds belonging to special protection areas (SPAs) marine, estuarine and coastal waters.

  • Este conjunto de dados geográficos representa o resultado da aplicação da ferramenta "Range" previsto no relatório enunciado no Artigo 17 da Diretiva Habitats (92/43/CEE) da Rede Natura 2000 para o período de reporte entre 2007 e 2012 que posteriormente foi harmonizado e preparado para ser disponibilizado no projeto Cross-Nature em formato RDF

  • A RNET foi criada através do Decreto-Lei n.º 565/76, de 19 de Julho, tendo como objectivos a manutenção das funções naturais numa zona representativa do ecossistema estuarino e a protecção do elevado número de aves migradoras que acorrem a este estuário sobretudo no Outono/Inverno e no período de passagens migratórias.