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  • Serviço de descarregamento (WFS) do geoserver do Conjunto de Dados Geográficos "Parque Marinho dos Açores"

  • Modelo Numério Topocartográfico (MNT) referente à cartografia à escala 1:2000 do Município de Oeiras, a partir de uma cobertura aerofotogramétrica com resolução espacial de 12 cm (GSD). Esta cobertura foi efetuada no ano 2016 com a utilização da câmara aérea digital DMC129, com Distância Focal de 120mm. Este CDG é composto por 51 unidades com dimensão 1 km x 1.6 km. Esta informação encontra-se no Sistema de Referência PT-TM06/ETRS89 e a referência vertical é o Datum Altimétrico de Cascais Helmert 38.

  • Web feature service with an area of occurrence of the Action Plan for the Protection and Monitoring of resident population of Bottlenose dolphins from Sado Estuary. The delimitation of the marine area takes into account the latest occurrence events of bottlenose dolphins in the Sado estuary. At any time during or after the period of the Plan, this intervention area can be changed based on the results obtained by the monitoring program of the population of bottlenose dolphins.

  • Web map service with the information about the distribution and quantity of aquatic birds, including shorebirds, in order to meet the annual cycle of populations, fluctuations and trends of its population, as well as the importance of several wetlands for each species. This service relates to aquatic birds counts for the coastal wetlands.

  • Viewing Service according to the INSPIRE profile (ISO19128-WMS 1.3.0), from the location limits used for the issuance of Meteorological Forecast Reports for Maritime Navigation in the areas of sea of national responsibility (Mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira), inserted mainly in METAREA II, according to the standards defined by the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

  • Web map service with the Important Bird Areas, or IBAs, that are areas designated according to objective criteria defined by BirdLife International. They are priority sites for conservation of endangered birds. They are assumed internationally and identified through the application of scientific criteria. They are also considered strategic points for bird watching. The IBAs considered in this service refer only to sites located in marine and coastal areas.

  • This web map service corresponds to the level 3 of the natural habitats of comunity interest listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive. This service only concernes to the marine and coastal habitats.

  • Web map service with the boundaries of protected sites classified under decree-law No. 142/2008 of 24 July. The protected sites are all inland terrestrial areas, aquatic areas and marine areas where the presence of the biodiversity or other natural occurrences, that with their rarity, scientific, ecological, social or scenic value require specific measures for the conservation and management, in order to promote the rational use of natural resources and the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage, regulating human interventions. This service only includes marine, estuaries and coastal protected sites.

  • Web map services with the sites in the biogeographical regions Atlantic, Mediterranean and Macaronesian, that contribute significantly to maintaining or restoring a type of natural habitat, from Annex BI, or species from Annex B-II, in a favorable conservation status, and may also contribute significantly to the coherence of Natura 2000 network or to maintain significantly the biological diversity in these biogeographical regions. This service only includes SPA's with marine, coastal and estuarine/laggoon environment.

  • Web map service with the Biogenetic Reserves Network of the Council of Europe in Portugal mainland. These reserves were integrated into the National Network of Protected Areas, so this dataset at this time has only a historical character.These service relates only to biogenetic reserves that are located in marine, estuarine and coastal environments.