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  • This web map service corresponds to the level 3 of the natural habitats of comunity interest listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive. This service only concernes to the marine and coastal habitats.

  • Web map service with the Biogenetic Reserves Network of the Council of Europe in Portugal mainland. These reserves were integrated into the National Network of Protected Areas, so this dataset at this time has only a historical character.These service relates only to biogenetic reserves that are located in marine, estuarine and coastal environments.

  • Aerial photograph of Funchal (9915) found in the archives, however, the precise date could not be ascertained. It is thought that the production occurred in the first half of the 60s.

  • Web feature service with the information about the distribution and quantity of aquatic birds, including shorebirds, in order to meet the annual cycle of populations, fluctuations and trends of its population, as well as the importance of several wetlands for each species. This service relates to aquatic birds counts per section within Sado estuary, Tejo estuary and Ria Formosa.

  • Web feature service with the Community importance areas in national territory in which are applied necessary measures to maintain or restore the conservation status of wild bird populations listed in Annex I and their habitats, as well as migratory bird species not listed in the annex but whose occurence on national territory is regular. This service only includes SPA's with marine, coastal and estuarine/laggoon environment.

  • Aquisição de Cartografia Numérica Vetorial à Escala 1:2 000 Proença-a-Nova. A área a cartografar numericamente, tem a dimensão de 1643 ha, que se distribuem por 151 folhas.

  • Cartografia topográfica em formato vetorial à escala 1:10000, num total de aproximadamente 25468.5 hectares, pertencentes ao concelho de Setúbal, obtida por restituição da fotografia aérea, do voo efetuado no dia 18 de Junho de 2016.

  • Cartografia Numérica Topográfica à escala 1:2 000 para o Município da Maia. A área a cartografar numericamente à escala 1: 2 000, tem a dimensão de 8951.21 ha, que se distribuem por 86 folhas. Esta área diz respeito ao município da Maia incluindo um "buffer" de 100 metros. Para a aquisição da cartografia vetorial o sistema de referência foi o sistema de referência ETRS89-TM06.

  • Web maps service with the zonation of Berlengas biosphere reserve. This Biosphere Reserve includes the totality of the Berlengas archipelago, as well as the adjacent marine area to a maximum depth of 520m. The importance of Berlengas as an island ecosystem, the biological value of the surrounding marine area, the botanical interest, its role as a place of passage and habitat of migratory waterbirds and the presence of interesting underwater archaeological heritage give the Berlengas an obvious ecological and cultural interest. In this dataset are included 3 levels of zone protection: Core Zone; Buffer zone; Transition zone.

  • Web map service with the Restriction zones map of the Management plan of the Arrábida Natural Park published by the RCM n.º 141/2005 of 23 August. Represents one of the map produced in the space planning phase of the Plan, published at 1:25000 scale. Identifies the current servitudes and utility restrictions.