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  • Estabelecimentos abrangidos (DL 150/2015): Localização pontual; Estabelecimento; Nível de Perigosidade (Superior/Inferior)

  • Download service with the Information about the distribution and quantity of shorebirds in order to meet the annual cycle of populations, fluctuations and trends of its population, as well as the importance of several wetlands for each species.

  • Web maps service with the location spots of geological elements with recognized scientific, educational, aesthetic and cultural value. This service relates only to the geosites of Portugal mainland on marine and / or coastal locations.

  • Web feature service with an area of occurrence of the Action Plan for the Protection and Monitoring of resident population of Bottlenose dolphins from Sado Estuary. The delimitation of the marine area takes into account the latest occurrence events of bottlenose dolphins in the Sado estuary. At any time during or after the period of the Plan, this intervention area can be changed based on the results obtained by the monitoring program of the population of bottlenose dolphins.

  • This service was prepared for 3rd national report under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive (2007-2012), corresponding to the range, through a grid 10 x 10 km, of the species of Community interest listed in Annex II; IV and V of the Habitats Directive.

  • This reserve is part of a terrestrial component equal to the entire land area of the municipality and also a marine component, containing in the aggregate a wide variety of natural and human, environmental, cultural and landscape values

  • Web feature service with an aproximate location of the cetacean strandings in mainland Portugal. These prepresent any marine animal that comes ashore or near the shore. Include an event in the wild where a marine mammal is found dead on the beach or shore or floating; when a marine mammal is alive on the beach or shore, but unable to return to the water due to sickness or injury or some other obstacle and when a marine mammal is in the water, but is unable to return to its natural habitat without assistance.

  • The coastline of Madeira Autonomous Region (Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens), was based on Geometric Registration of Rustic Property (CGPR), with scales of 1:500 and 1:1000. It was subsequently updated based on data from Hydrographic Institute and orthophotos. The administrative divisions have CGPR bases with scales of 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 and 1:5000. Legal instruments were used, with the help of the Local Authorities (Municipal and Parish Councils). In this data set are present DICOFRE codes and names of their parish.

  • This service was prepared under the Article 17 section 1 of the Habitats Directive (2007-2012), corresponding to the to the evaluation, through a grid 10 x 10 km, of the natural habitats of comunity interest listed in Annex I of the Habitats Directive, particularly the marine and coastal habitats.

  • This service was prepared for 3rd national report under Article 12 of the Birds Directive (2008-2012), corresponding to the range, through a grid 10 x 10 km, of the breeding birds listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive, in particular the marine species.