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  • The FREEZE 2010 geophysical cruise was planned to acquire a detailed bathymetry just off Olhos d'Agua, high resolution seismic and Side Scan Sonar data in order to investigate and define the geological and the tectonic settings off Olhos d'Agua (Algarve coast, South Portugal) and to find any possible evidence of supposed existing submarine groundwater discharges (SGDs) in this area.

  • This project aims to characterize the evolution of the coastline during the Quaternary and discern what were the contributions to this evolution: 1) neotectonic, 2) eustatic variations and 3) sedimentary transport; for this purpose was selected as study area the coastal stretch between Cabo da Roca (~ 38 46'N) and the village of Comporta (~ 38 20'N).

  • The ERSTA project intended to study the seismogenic and tsunamigenic bodies and prepare an sismotectonic model for the Algarve region. For this project, in this campaign, was intend to carry out a geophysical survey that will contribute to a more detailed characterization, in the offshore region, of São Marcos-Quarteira and Carcavai faults. The SANDEX project aims to evaluate the physical impact from the extraction of sand and gravel in the coastal sediment balance and evolution of the coastline. The campaign aims to collect bathymetric data that will contribute to monitoring of the impact caused by the exploitation of sand deposits carried off the Quarteira as well as for the assessment of sediment budget of the study area.