STIG - Um novo método de avaliação de uma IDE

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To stimulatetheSpatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) development effectively and efficiently, it is key to assess the progress and benefits of the SDI. Currently, several SDI assessment methods exist. However, these are still in an infant stage and none of these appear to meet the requirements of practitioners.As a result, SDI decision makers are still without any guidance on theperformance of their SDI. In the financial sector stress testing is commonly used to assess the sustainability and success of the system.This work presents an early stage of a longer research activity by introducing the subject, underlying concepts and proposinga projection of an assessment method from FI to SDI. While this work already identifies a key scenario to begin with, concrete realisations remain part of the future work. Based on a review of the nature and concept of the SDI and Financial Infrastructure (FI) we conclude that the stress test methodology is likely to be an appealing alternative way of assessing SDIs. The Multi-factor Stress tests (Hypothetical and a Non-systematic Subjective scenario model) are most promising as a basis for SDI assessment. A first draft of the Stress Test for Infrastructure of Geographic information is presented: the STIG.

Van Loenen
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