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  • Geological Map of Portugal, scale 1:1 000 000, LNEG, 2010 modified to be INSPIRE compliant. Layers depicting Geological Units classified according to representative ages and lithologies from INSPIRE vocabularies, Faults and Geomorphologic Features are available. This dataset was formerly prepared in the framework of the OneGeology-Europe project and is harmonised according to Geology INSPIRE data specifications.

  • The geological map of Spain and Portugal at 1:1 000 000 scale is a renewed version of the geological map of the Iberian Peninsula and the territories of Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic, Canaries, Azores and Madeira islands. This small-scale map is edited jointly periodically by the Geological surveys of Spain (IGME) and Portugal (LNEG). This new version includes for the first time the geological information of the Spanish and Portuguese continental shelves and also the geology of the Atlantic Portuguese islands. This map records all the new geological knowledge provided by the complete survey at 1:50 000 scale in Spain (IGME’s MAGNA Plan) and the systematic geological mapping series developed in Portugal by the LNEG. The continental portion of the map was compiled starting from original drafts at 1:400 000 scale made for every main geological unit: Iberian Variscan Massif, Pyrenees, Betics, Cantabrian and Iberian cordilleras and the Duero, Ebro and Tajo Cenozoic basins for the territory of Spain and the geological maps at 1:200 000 scale in Portugal.

  • The Portuguese HydroGeological Resources Database provides geological and hydrogeological information for drill holes, wells, springs and boreholes